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Coworking Meeting Room Usage Trends in 2020 (During COVID-19)

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Have you been wondering about the meeting room usage trends outside of your own space and city during the pandemic? Us too. We’ve polled some of our partners to see what they are seeing on the back end and this is what our friends over at Workspace Geek sent over. While it is a 30,000 foot look, it confirms what we have been hearing… the workforce is coming back and they need space. Albeit, slowly.

Workspace Geek serves approximately 230 spaces with 24,000 members. Of those members/spaces, below are the meeting room bookings per month through 2020. You can see that while meeting room bookings are trending upward again, we are still seeing only half the volume we saw pre-COVID.

  • 9,680 bookings in October
  • 8,737 in September
  • 8,559 in August
  • 8,171 in July
  • 7,724 in June
  • 5,120 in May
  • 3,070 in April
  • 13,492 in March
  • 20,300 in February
  • 20,783 in January

How is this compared to your bookings? Let us know! We’d love to hear how your space bookings are trending through all of this.