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Eric Hurt

Workspace Geek, the logical evolution of coworking software and website design.

How shared workspace operators see the future of the industry, and the creative ways they’re maintaining business

How the modernization of Workspace Geek's own website reflects the direction it's taking in the coworking and flex space industry.

For well over 20 years, MorningStar Software served executive suites with reliable and feature-rich software. Over the decades, MorningStar Software has maintained its commitment to evolution and innovation as the coworking and flexible workspace industry has evolved. In response, the new Workspace Geek software and marketing website were built with modern coworking and flex spaces in mind.

In today's post, we take a moment to look back at the evolution of our business website as it reflects the progression of the software we offer to the coworking and shared workspace industry.

Our first static website, a dinosaur by today's standards

Old MorningStar

Above, you can see the original MorningStar software website, designed and built in 2010. The coworking industry was still a fledgling idea, and MorningStar's target customer was exclusively executive suite companies.

All this began to change within a few years. As the coworking industry grew into a real force within the commercial real estate market, executive suite providers and software vendors were forced to keep up with demand for new technology, services and offerings. Members and clients in this growing industry were highly connected via the internet and hoping to leverage the efficiency and convenience that it offered.

As a result, MorningStar Software added online services like the member portal and a white-labeled eCommerce platform. These services allowed MorningStar's customers to reach a wider audience and offer more technologically advanced features to their own members.

When I came on board full time at MorningStar in 2017, the team and I fully committed to growing the company and truly transforming the solutions we offer to our customers and this ever-changing flexible workspace industry. And thus, Workspace Geek was born: a sleek, innovative software with all the capabilities of our original software and tons more, expanded to service all flex space operators, including those who run coworking centers, flex spaces, executive suites and more.

The Workspace Geek website, v1

Workspace Geek website version 1

As our team worked fervently behind the scenes to develop the Workspace Geek software, we took a first stab at retooling our business website (above). The WordPress website was great for what it was: a quick and dirty way to better communicate with potential customers. However, the performance suffered due to the technological limitations of WordPress, and our ability to customize the website did not meet our needs or expectations. While it was a great first step forward, this version did not achieve the desired look and feel, and did not adequately convey our expertise with the coworking industry. With that in mind, we kept innovating.

The new and improved Workspace Geek website

Workspace Geek website version 2

In 2020, as we introduced our new Workspace Geek coworking software to the market, we revisited our business website once again. I am proud to present the newest version of (above). This website reflects the growth and evolution of our business-to-business offerings and our commitment to excellence. It's modern, easy to use, just like our software.

The Workspace Geek software is built on top of the same reliable platform that has succeeded for 20 years, but with a refreshed marketing website, we are now able to better share the message about our commitment to pushing the envelope forward and exploring new ideas and solutions that will increase productivity for our customers.

Using bleeding-edge technology, our website achieves a perfect lighthouse performance score (Google's tool for measuring website performance), near perfect score for accessibility, perfect score for best practices and a perfect score for SEO. These ratings will help us climb the ranks in Google and other search engines to reach a broader audience than ever before. We also have pixel-perfect customizability to ensure that our website renders well for every device and browser.

A new service from Workspace Geek and MorningStar Software

To that end, we are proud to announce that, in addition to our exceptional coworking software Workspace Geek, MorningStar Software now offers website design and renovation services to the coworking and flex space industry. We know your business well, and we know how to build a site that can shine a light on you to your current and prospective customers. If you are interested in learning more about our website design services, please contact us, and if you want to talk more about how I built the site, reach out to me on Twitter!