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Morningstar Software Announces Release of New Coworking Software, Workspace Geek

Workspace Geek offers intuitive, simplified solutions for the modern operator.

HOUSTON, TX – June 29, 2020 – Today MorningStar Software unveiled Workspace Geek, the coworking and shared workspace industry’s newest and most intuitive management software. Workspace Geek simplifies the day-to-day processes of shared workspace centers by offering straightforward billing and invoicing systems, a sleek meeting room scheduler, a robust proposal generator, in-demand eCommerce functionalities, seamless network and VoIP management solutions, and myriad integrations designed in direct response to the modern operators’ most pressing needs.

“We’ve earned the trust of executive and business suite operators for nearly 30 years,” said Thomas Hurt, founder and CEO of MorningStar Software. “As workspaces continue to evolve, so, too, do we. Workspace Geek is the logical next iteration of a software designed to meet the needs of those managing flexible office spaces of all kinds, including coworking centers.”

A product conceived of by shared workspace industry experts and developed by the brightest minds in software development, Workspace Geek was built to be nimble, intuitive and capable of integrating with myriad other products, providing a simple, all-in-one solution for managing current clients across multiple centers while tracking leads and increasing profitability.

“We understand that center operators have many options when choosing a management software,” said Becky Stokes, director of client relations for MorningStar Software. “I’m confident Workspace Geek stands above the rest because, quite simply, it works. It is reliable, sleek and easy to use. And just as important, Workspace Geek is supported by MorningStar Software’s unparalleled customer service.”

Among its many capabilities, Workspace Geek offers operators:

  • A robust client data management platform;
  • An easy and quick invoicing process to bill monthly and variable fees with the click of a button;
  • A proposal section to collect and track sales leads, create and send proposals, and automatically enter new clients and generate initial invoices, eliminating the need for a separate CRM database;
  • A customized scheduler to easily manage meeting room reservations;
  • eCommerce opportunities including:
    • Sign Up Now (SUN), the platform via which operators sell and manage their virtual office services;
  • Book It Now (BIN), a real-time, external meeting room scheduler to increase meeting room revenue;
  • A Kiosk app to notify members and center staff of a guest’s or meeting attendee’s arrival;
  • A customized client portal that allows clients to upgrade their eCommerce services and add-ons, pay account balances, and view the “Town Square” directory of other businesses within the center;
  • The ability to import billing data from a print/copy device via a single .XLS or .CSV file;
  • New and improved integrations including:
    • A network and VoIP management partner to manage new phone number allocation, Wi-Fi codes and phone configuration directly in Workspace Geek;
  • Brivo to allow for remote door access;
  • FedEx to increase center revenue and offer clients special volume pricing discounts;
  • Infintech, PlacePay and Stripe for one-click payment collections; and
  • SignNow to collect e-signatures on proposals and other agreements.

The MorningStar Software team is pleased to offer demos of Workspace Geek. Interested center operators should contact Becky Stokes at becky.stokes@morningstarsoftware.com. To learn more about Workspace Geek, visit www.workspacegeek.com. Existing client references available upon request.

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About MorningStar Software

MorningStar Software was founded in 1997 to provide management solutions to executive and business suite operators. For three decades, Thomas Hurt built a product trusted by thousands of operators from New York to Chicago, Florida to Texas, and a cultivated an unrivaled customer support team. After years of listening to the needs of the changing shared workspace industry and equipped with a team of stellar of developers, in 2020, MorningStar Software launched Workspace Geek, a sleek, intuitive product designed to simplify the day-to-day processes of both traditional (executive suites) and new flexible (coworking) office spaces worldwide.

About Workspace Geek

Launched in 2020 as the latest solution powered by MorningStar Software, Workspace Geek is the coworking and shared workspace industry’s most reliable and intuitive management software. Workspace Geek’s billing and invoicing systems, meeting room scheduler, proposal generator, eCommerce functionalities, network and VoIP management solutions, and myriad integrations are designed to yield maximum productivity and profitability. Supported by exceptional customer service, Workspace Geek simplifies the day-to-day processes of centers so operators can focus on what really matters: their clients.